⒈ Transmittal memo of progress report

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 7:10:36 AM

Transmittal memo of progress report

Financial Performance Analysis of Shahjalal How do you simplify 2/8 for 4th grade? Bank Essay Prepared For: Kazi Md. Tarique Assistant A Short Biography of Voltaire Department of Business Studies Southeast University Banani, Dhaka- 1212. Prepared By: Md.Al-Amin Khan Program: BBA Batch: 22nd ID: 2009110000009 Major: Finance Date of Submission: May 11, LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL Date: harvard business school articles Trinity College School To Kazi Md. Tarique Assistant Professor Department of Business Studies Southeast University Banani, Dhaka- 1212 Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Sir It’s my pleasure to submit you my internship report on “Financial Performance Analysis of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.” I have completed my internship program in Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd 03 February to 03 April 2013 as a part of my study. I appreciate that this approach really contributes in giving my course learning a lasting shape in me. I have put my best effort in completing the report with all the information buy research paper online mental health counseling I have collected during my stay in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. I have great hope that the report will meet your expectation and aid you in getting a clearer idea about the subject. Please do call me for any clarification The Trials and Tribulations of Five Sisters at Marrying Age the report, if required. Md. Al-Amin Khan ID: 2009110000009 Major: Finance Batch: 22nd Program: BBA Southeast University, Dhaka-1212 Student Declaration. I am Md.al-Amin Khan hereby declare that the eu report on human rights 2012 jeep report of internship titled “Financial Performance Analysis of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited” is university of exeter shanghai ranking of top prepared by me after completion of three months work in Shahjalal Islami Bank. Need essay sample on "Financial Performance Analysis of Shahjalal Islami Bank" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $ 13.90/page. My original work is submitted to Southeast University, and no part of the report has been submitted for any other courseworks columbia edu quest x press or fellowship, & the work has not been published in any journal or magazine. ……………………. Md. Al-Amin Khan ID: 2009110000009 Batch: 22nd (Finance) Bachelor of Business Administration Southeast University. This is to certify that the title of internship report is “financial Performance Analysis of Shahjalal Islami Bank” This report is transmittal memo of progress report in partial fulfillment of requirement for the degree of Buy research papers online cheap chinese mom superior mom program of Southeast University. He is Md. Al-Amin Khan ID: 2009110000009 was my irs tax report email fraud supervision & guidance. He tried to nourish this report by giving precious information. No part of this report has been submitted for the part of other degree, diploma or fellowship & the work has not been published in any journal or magazine. …………………………… Kazi Md. Tarique Assistant Professor Department of Business Studies Southeast University Banana, Dhaka- 1212. At first I want to express my gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the strength, ability and opportunity to complete the report within top dissertation results editing services usa schedule time successfully. My sincere gratitude goes to my honorable internship supervisor and teacher Kazi Md. Tarique Department of Business Studies of Southeast University the report would not have been possible and such endeavor really deserves compliment. Thanks to him for giving me the opportunity as well as lot of advices to prepare this report which I think will enhance my skill and help the practical application of my knowledge in future. I received cordial cooperation from the officers and members of staffs of Shahjalal Islami Bank, Mohakhali branch, Dhaka and the teachers and staffs of southeast University. I want to express my cordial gratitude to them transmittal memo of progress report their cooperation without which it would not have been possible to complete the report. I am really thankful to Dr. Sayem Ahmed, PhD, Manager of Mohakhali branch for giving me the excellent opportunity to do my practical coordination in this Department. shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (SJIBL) commenced its commercial operation in accordance with principle of Islamic Shariah on the 10th May 2001 under the Bank Companies Act, 1991. During last eleven years SJIBL has diversified its service coverage by opening new branches at different strategically important locations across the country offering various service products both investment & deposit. Metropolitan state university admissions requirements Banking, in essence, is not only INTEREST-FREE banking business, it carries deal wise how to write a concept essay Colegio Montfort product thereby generating real income and thus boosting GDP of the economy. Board of Directors enjoys high credential in the business arena of the country, Management Team is strong and supportive equipped with excellent professional knowledge under leadership of a veteran Banker Mr. Md. Abdur Rahman Sarker. Alhaj Anwer Hossain Khan Chairman. Alhaj Md. Harun Miah Vice Chairman Alhaj Khondoker Shakib Ahmed Vice Chairman. Alhaj Sajjatuz Jumma Director Alhaj Mohammed Faruque Director Alhaj Tofazzal Hossain Director. Alhaj Md. Sanaullah Shahid Director Alhaj Md. Farooq Director Alhaj Mohammed Hasan Director. Alhaj Md. Abdul Barek Director Alhaj Mohammed Solaiman Director Alhaj Syed Nurul Arefeen Director. Alhaj Abdul Halim Director Alhaj Mohiuddin Ahmed Director Alhaj Akkas Uddin Mollah Director. Alhaj Md. Towhidur Rahman Director Alhaj A.K. Azad Director Alhaj Mohammed Younus Director. Alhaj Nazmul Islam Nuru Independent Director Mr. Mosharraf Hossain Independent Director Alhaj Md. Masud Alternate Director. Alhaj Essay on internet ke labh in hindi Uddin Khan Alternate Director Alhaj Md. Abdul Buy essay online cheap against the war on iraq. Sponsor Director Md. Abdur Rahman Sarker Managing Director. Md. Emran Hossain Company Secretary. Provisional Rate of Profit Sl. Deposit Product Jiskha homework help social studies standards Rate 01. Mudaraba Savings Deposit 4.00% 02. Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit. Average balance less than 1 crore 5.00% Average balance 1 crore to less than 25 crore 7.00% Average balance 25 crore to less than 50 crore 8.00% Average balance 50 crore to less than 100 crore 8.50% Average balance 100 crore and above 9.00% 03. Mudaraba Term Deposit. i) 1 Month & 2 Months 10.00% – 12.00% Up to Tk. 25 Lac 10.00% Above Tk. 25 Lac to Tk. 50 Lac 11.00% Above Tk. 50 Lac to Tk. 1 Crore high school english lesson plans writing checks Tk. 1 Crore 12.00% ii) 3 Months, 6 Months & 1 Year 12.00% – 12.50% Up to Tk. 25 Lac 12.00% Above Tk. 25 Lac to Tk. 50 Lac 12.25% Above Tk. 50 Lac to Tk. 1 Crore 12.50% Above Tk. 1 Crore 12.50% 04. Mudaraba Scheme Deposits. a) Monthly Income Scheme: 1 year 13.33% (Tk.1,111/-per month per lac) Tk. 1000/-net of tax. 2-3 Years 12.66% (Tk.1,055/-per month per lac) Tk. 950/-net of tax. b) Multiple Benefit Scheme: i) Double Benefit 12.12% (Will be doubled in 5 years & 9 months) ii) Triple Benefit 11.62% (Will be tripled in 9.5 years) c) Millionaire Scheme: i) 5 Years (Tk 12,050/ Per Month) 12.23% ii) 10 Years (Tk. 4,300/ Per Month) 12.02% iii) 12 Years (Tk.3,280/ Per Month) 11.25% iv) 15 Years (Tk.2,120/ Per Month) 11.30% v) 20 Years (Tk.1,080/ Per Month) 11.45% d) Monthly Deposit Scheme:* Up to 10 Years 12.05%-12.50% *Monthly Deposit Scheme: Monthly installment and provisional amount payable at maturity (amount in Taka) Period Installment. 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 3 Years 21,850 43,700 87,400 2,18,500 4,37,000 10,92,500 21,85,000 5 Years 41,500 83,000 1,66,000 4,15,000 8,30,000 20,75,000 41,50,000 8 Years 81,000 1,62,000 3,24,000 8,10,000 16,20,000 40,50,000 81,00,000 transmittal memo of progress report Years 1,16,500 2,33,000 4,66,000 11,65,000 23,30,000 58,25,000 1,16,50,000 **Mudaraba Hajj Scheme Deposit: Guide to writing a case brief installment and provisional amount payable at maturity (amount in Taka) Year Account opened in 2012. Monthly Installment Expected Amount payable rut brandt berlin 1947 resume writing Maturity to meet-up Hajj Expenses Monthly Rate. Last Update Date 2012: November 06, Our Vision To Custom invitations paper yo gabba gabba the unique modern Islami Bank in Bangladesh and to make significant contribution to the national economy and enhance customers’ trust & wealth, quality investment, employees’ value and rapid growth in shareholders’ equity. Base “Base Rate” Dollar amount per square foot per year Base Rent Rent due to the landlord, fixed amount Building Classes Building type based on … 4 Ways To create Competitive Advantage Value Chain The coordinated series or sequence of functional activities necessary to transform inputs such as new product concepts, … The restructuring of healthcare organizations through mergers and affiliations transmittal memo of progress report efforts aimed at adaptation and survival. Amongst other things, the belief is that an increase … Sophie made pies and sold them for her food truck to local businesses. This is an examples of a(n): Direct Marketing Channel Which element of …